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IMPORTANT NOTE: All content on this website is owned by Kevin Reabe and is copyright protected.

This site is owned and operated by me, Kevin Reabe.  I am a vintage trailer collector, with particular interest in rare and unusual brands.  I own several brands, including Aero Flite, Spartan, Westcraft, Vagabond, and Palace. I enjoy restoring trailers and do as much of the work on my trailers as possible. 

I am interested in finding a Great Western trailer, as featured elsewhere on this site.  I am willing to pay a finders fee.  I am also interested in other Aero Flite trailers or other unique trailers.  I will appreciate it if you will contact me with any leads.

I hope you found this site educational and enjoyable. If I can assist you in any way with something having to do with a vintage trailer, particularly an Aero Flite, please contact me. Thanks!


Kevin Reabe
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