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It is unknown precisely how many Aero Flite trailers were built, but is estimated that between 110 and 120 trailers were built.  This estimate is based on the serial numbers and years of trailers built.  It is also unknown precisely how many Aero Flite trailers survive today.  This page is intended to serve as a registry for Aero Flite trailers.  If you own an Aero Flite trailer, please consider sending information about the trailer so that it can be added to the registry.  You are welcome to disclose as little or as much information as you desire. Information can be sent to for addition to the registry.
Year and Serial Number (if known) Owner name
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1945 Lark

Serial #101X

Experimental prototype
Kevin Reabe
Bloomington, IL
Well preserved original, undergoing complete restoration - expected completion mid-2009 prototype, flocked ceiling panels, inlaid linoleum floor, arched door opening, front "flaps" storage compartments  
1947 Falcon

Serial #1020
George Shebley
Redmond, OR
Well preserved original, undergoing restoration Trailer has factory medicine cabinet, factory belly pan  
1947 Falcon

Serial #1026
Rick Henderson
Lemon Grove, CA
Found in poor condition
Undergoing complete restoration
Multiple doors on kitchenette. No window in entry door  
1948 Falcon

Serial #1078
Kevin Reabe
Bloomington, IL
Complete trailer - heavy water damage - frame was rotted/broken. Undergoing restoration No rear vent. Panel is scribed, but hole was never cut.  
1948 Falcon

Serial #1084
Rick Haskins
Eatonton, GA
Needs complete restoration, including frame. Missing table, heater. Factory refrigerator. Double bed model. No rear vent  
1948 Falcon

Serial #1096
Eric Menard and Elizabeth Junkin
North Vancouver B.C. Canada
Complete trailer, needs
Very rare twin bed floor plan. Trailer was  owned by Hal Sackett (see history section)  
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Company History
Trailer Information
Other Information
101X rt ft
101x kitchen
front 20
dinette 20
rearview 20
medicine cabinet 20
rightside 96
kitchen and twinbeds 96
leftside 96