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This page contains links to suppliers I have used and other sites of particular interest to Aero Flite enthusiasts and owners.  If you would like to recommend a link, please send the information to  Thank you.
Air Parts, Inc is a family run business.  They supply aluminum sheet or rolled.  I have bought from them several times - they are terrific.
Aircraft Spruce supplies aircraft construction supplies.  I have bought rivets and specialty hardware several times - great service.  They are very fast to deal with.
Fastenal is a great site for fasteners, such as stainless screws, round head screws, slotted head screws...that you may not find elsewhere but need for your restoration.  Good company
Great source for seat springs, hogrings, other upholstery supplies and materials.  I have used them many times - they're excellent.
Good source for vintage and reproduction fixtures and hardware - they had latches I needed for 101X's cabinet doors.  Good, fast, fair.
Source for Marmoleum reproduction linoleum products - great product. This company will ship to your local flooring store, if you can't find a local Marmoleum dealer. 
Great source for polishing supplies (Nuvite) and Cyclopolisher.  This is an excellent company, operated by people who seem to be in it for their love of trailers not their love of money.
The RV Heritage Museum is a wonderful place to visit.  The collection is wonderful and beautifully displayed.  The library is great.  The curator and staff are very helpful and friendly.
Johnson Lumber Company is a great source for mahogany plywood.  They have locations in Indiana and Michigan.  Excellent family operation - terrific service and products.
Great source for veneer and supplies.  They sell full sheets of ribbon-striped mahogany, great for cabinet repair. Their heat-activated glue is great.  Their service is fast, great quality products.
This is a link for TP Tools. They sell a very nice period correct cloth-covered wiring loom that can be used over modern wiring for a vintage appearance.